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'Cory Arcangel: Let's Play Majerus G3' at Michel Majerus Estate, Berlin, Germany

26 April 2024

From 27 April 2024 until 15 March 2025, the Michel Majerus Estate presents a project featuring a previously unexplored aspect of the artist’s archive: his computer. An initiative led by artist Cory Arcangel, 'Let’s Play Majerus G3' takes as its point of departure the laptop that Majerus used in his late career, now reactivated following a restoration undertaken in cooperation with digital-art organization Rhizome.

By examining this crucial tool, Let’s Play Majerus G3 — an expansive program comprising the exhibition at the Michel Majerus Estate, a talk, a performance and a YouTube series — allows unprecedented access to Majerus’ digital studio and the approaches that informed it, representing a revolutionary development in the understanding of his oeuvre, and allowing a uniquely first-hand glimpse, through the eyes of a fellow artist, into this rich primary source.

The project at the Michel Majerus Estate, in exploring and presenting Majerus’ computer, foregrounds the technological challenge of re-accessing a wealth of information thought to be lost. It lends consideration to the increasingly prominent role of archiving digital materials and interrogates the ways in which these holdings crucially factor into authoring art-historical narratives surrounding 21st-century protagonists. The exhibition features works by Arcangel that span nearly two decades, including new commissions displayed alongside selected works by Majerus in a juxtaposition that suggests a continuity in non-concurrent, albeit conceptually linked, bodies of work.

Let’s Play Majerus G3 is accompanied by an in-person and online program, including a conversation between Cory Arcangel and Dragan Espenschied during Gallery Weekend Berlin taking place on Saturday, April 27, 11am.. On YouTube, Arcangel — in his debut as a “YouTuber” — posts “Let’s Play” videos that feature him as he navigates Majerus’ computer as part of this project. These videos are also presented on the Michel Majerus Estate’s website and by Rhizome as part of their series of presentations on digital-art archival, “ArtBase Anthologies.”

Find more information via Michel Majerus Estate.

'Cory Arcangel: Let's Play Majerus G3' at Michel Majerus Estate, Berlin, Germany
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