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'Cory Arcangel: Flying Foxes' at Kunstverein Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

11 November 2022

For a solo exhibition on 12 November at Kunstverein Hamburg, Cory Arcangel brings together several recent works in response to the legacy of artist Michel Majerus.

The exhibition borrows its title from the Flying Fox, a 136-meter mega-yacht photographed by Arcangel in the port of Stavanger, whose ownership is shrouded in mystery. By reproducing this image in a large-scale format, Arcangel sets the scene for a group of works which conflate the free-floating transmission of images and their consumption online with the life of global resources—from extraction to their circulation as the assets of the 0.1%.

'Flying Foxes' continues until 12 Feburary 2023. Find further information via Kunstverein Hamburg.

Image: Cory Arcangel. Flying Føx, 2019-2022. Adjusted to fit JPEG/Exif (wallpaper, social media, etc, etc ✌️). Photo: Cory Arcangel

'Cory Arcangel: Flying Foxes' at Kunstverein Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
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