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Solo exhibition by Cory Arcangel at Cc Foundation, Shanghai

30 August 2019

A solo exhibition of a new series of work by Cory Arcangel, 'Topline', will open on 20 September at Shanghai's Cc Foundation. Arcangel will present 14 new “paintings” which together form a site specific installation made especially for Cc Foundation & Art Centre.
The title refers to 'topline' melodies in pop music, which form the primary vocal hook of a song. In contrast to backing vocals and harmonies, the topline is the dominant melody. The works in 'Topline' are based on commercially available textiles which are scanned, manipulated and printed with UV ink onto flat-packed furniture, in this case IKEA Linnmon table-tops purchased in Shanghai. The total of 68 tabletops form a dense installation featuring various types of sweatpants, shorts and ripped denim jeans, and highlighting details such as the waistband, pockets, zippers, text and logos of recognisable brands.

These collages forefront contemporary mainstream fashion as an aesthetic reflection of the time in which we live. The “paintings” visually abstract the commodification of fast-fashion aesthetics, and present ath-leisure wear as a global signifier of late capitalism.

'Topline' will be on view until 30 October.

Image: Cory Arcangel, artney, adid, 2019 (detail), IQDemy Premium UV ink on IKEA LINNMON table tops.
Solo exhibition by Cory Arcangel at Cc Foundation, Shanghai
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