Lisson Gallery

'Cory Arcangel and Olia Lialina: Asymmetrical Response' opens 11 January at The Kitchen

4 January 2017

Cory Arcangel and Olia Lialina: Asymmetrical Response opens 11 January at The Kitchen in New York. Since their first meeting on the eve of Y2K, Russian­-born Lialina—who is one of the best known participants in the 1990s scene—and American artist Arcangel have been involved in a deeply symmetrical relationship. Their dialogue includes the social and cultural impact of the Internet’s historical shift from a tool for military communication to an “information superhighway” promising open and equal exchange, and the increasingly asymmetric “content delivery system” we experience today. In this first collaboration, Arcangel and Lialina present complex bodies of work that arose through their continuing conversation.
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