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'Complex Systems' with Jorinde Voigt at E-WERK Freiburg

12 May 2016

A system can be understood in a variety of ways and operationalised in different contexts, whether physics, computing or astronomy, from the binary code to the law of reflection. The exhibition 'KOMPLEXE SYSTEME' at E-WERK Freiburg in Germany displays the complex systems behind the artistic processes of two individual artists. Through the work of Jorinde Voigt and Gabriela Spooner, the show demonstrates how artists develop and consult their own systems in unique ways, making productive use of them in their work.

Berlin-based artist Jorinde Voigt creates work by undertaking a systematic analysis of various phenomena, gleaned from the worlds of culture, science, music, history and literature. Her drawn notations and sculptural installations feature webs of interconnected thoughts, forms and words. Whether stemming from musical scores or temperature gradients, her carefully wrought work combines elements of gestural chance with highly ordered empiricism. For the exhibition at E-WERK, Voigt will exhibit a series of recent drawings that illustrates the world as an open flow of information and demonstrates the potential infinity of multiplicity. Words include Inherited Desire, 1-12 (2015), Hauro I and II (2015), Cavallini algorithm Triptych (2015) and Infinite Now (2015).

Voigt's pieces are juxtaposed with the work of Swiss artist Gabriela Spoon, who splits her time between Geneva and Berne. Spoon's work deals with the hidden components of political and social systems. Through the processes of translation and linguistics, Spoon's work provides an insight into the mechanisms of social structure. For the exhibition, she will present a multi-channel video installation Offscreen (2012-2013, de 2014), which reports on the experience of tourists and the commercialisation of war by the travel industry. A second work, The Easy Way Out (2010), analyses the vernacular of war through the deployment of state-organised military abroad. The video features every day conversations between an American soldier who just returned from Iraq, a local hotel owner and two car saleswomen near an American training base in Germany.

The exhibition runs from 13 May until 26 June 2016. Please click here for more information on the exhibition.

Jorinde Voigt will be in conversation at E-WERK on Thursday 16 June. For more information or to book your tickets, please visit:

Image: Jorinde Voigt, Salt, Sugar, Sex (Beobachtungen im Jetzt I), 2015. Detail. © Jorinde Voigt; Courtesy of Lisson Gallery.

'Complex Systems' with Jorinde Voigt at E-WERK Freiburg
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