Lisson Gallery

Broomberg & Chanarin in group exhibition at Yale University Art Gallery

10 July 2017

'Before the Event/After the Fact', opening at Yale University Art Gallery on 21 July, offers a wide-ranging examination of the representation of war in contemporary photo-based practice, presenting works that depict training sites, combat zones, forensic reconstructions, and popular entertainment. The exhibition highlights conceptual, documentary, and architectural imaging techniques, investigating the visual relationship between staged images and real events, and between factual data and their digital representations. Photographs by Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, An-My Lê, and Peter van Agtmael combine the apparent clarity of documentary imagery with the ambiguities of reality itself, while video installations by the filmmaker Harun Farocki and a digital animation and interactive work created by the interdisciplinary design studio SITU Research capture the present and future of digital-imaging technologies and their potential applications.

Read more about the exhibition here.

Image: Broomberg & Chanarin, 'Chicago, Tze'elim Military Base, Negev Desert (Chicago #11)', 2006. C-type print 48.3 x 58.4 cm (19 x 23 in). © Broomberg & Chanarin; Courtesy Lisson Gallery.
Broomberg & Chanarin in group exhibition at Yale University Art Gallery
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