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Bloomberg Space presents Susan Hiller's London Jukebox

29 January 2020

From 22 January, Bloomberg SPACE and the London Mithraeum will open their latest commission of Susan Hiller's London Jukebox (2008-2018). Developed over one decade, the installation is centred on an audio sculpture comprising of a vintage-style jukebox customised with a selection of 70 songs about London, chosen by the artist as an homage to the richly diverse narratives that weave through the city’s neighbourhoods. Outfitted with benches and headphones, the installation invites visitors to either choose a song which resonates with them, or enjoy the selections made by others. Excerpts from the songs’ lyrics fill the walls of Bloomberg SPACE along with a map of London that plots the geography of Hiller’s playlist.

Hiller’s London Jukebox can be appreciated as its own form of archaeology. Featuring an array of cultural artefacts – in this case popular songs – it surveys the shifting musical layers of the city.

The work can be seen at Bloomberg SPACE until 11 July. Find more information here.

Susan Hiller, London Jukebox (2008-2018). Courtesy Artangel; Photography by Todd White

Bloomberg Space presents Susan Hiller's London Jukebox
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