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'Ben Okri & Rosemary Clunie: firedreams' at The Bomb Factory, London

22 March 2023

Lisson Gallery London is supporting an exhibition in the neighbourhood celebrating the first collaborative works by author Ben Okri (1991 Booker Prize winner) and artist Rosemary Clunie. The Bomb Factory in Marylebone displays these paintings and installations in situ for the first time, each a unique dance between image and poetry, form and concept, colour and dream. Complex combinations of text and composition characterise tall canvases addressing the histories and connections between people and landscapes, myths and utterances.

“The image stops the mind in a harmonic stasis. The word arouses the mind in a dynamic stasis. What happens when you fuse both energies? Does it bring two routes, two trees of civilisation together to yield new fruits of the soul?" – Ben Okri

The exhibition, titled firedreams, runs from 30th March – 10th April 2023, with a public opening from 6–9pm on 30 March. A public talk with the artists will be led by Lisson Gallery's Ossian Ward on 4 April at 6pm.

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'Ben Okri & Rosemary Clunie: firedreams' at The Bomb Factory, London
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