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Ballroom Marfa to livestream the activation of Haroon Mirza's Stone Circle

7 April 2020

On Tuesday 7 April at 8:49pm CST (9:49pm EST/ 2:49am BST), Ballroom Marfa will livestream the activation of Haroon Mirza’s Stone Circle (2018). Whilst visits to the installation are temporarily suspended in adherence to the ‘shelter in place’ ordinance, Ballroom Marfa will stream the event via Instagram and Facebook, which sees Mirza’s installation produce an electronic symphony each full moon, just after sunset.

Inspired by prehistoric monuments such as Stonehenge and Nine Ladies – megaliths erected by humans and used for mysterious practices related to communion with the Earth – this large-scale outdoor sculpture is open to the public in the high desert grasslands east of Marfa, Texas. The work features black marble boulders that produce patterns of electronic sound and light from energy generated by solar panels. Each of the eight stones in the circle is carved to integrate LEDs and speakers. The ninth stone, the “mother” stone, sits outside the circle – its solar panels charging a bank of batteries that power a sound and light score, which becomes activated with each full moon. The stone circle’s impact extends to the local community through initiatives with project partners Freedom Solar, the largest solar energy provider in Texas.

The stream will begin with a brief introduction at 8:45pm. Click here to watch via Facebook, or watch on Instagram via @ballroommarfa.

Image courtesy Ballroom Marfa. Photo by Emma Rogers.
Ballroom Marfa to livestream the activation of Haroon Mirza's Stone Circle
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