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Artifex Press publishes Sol LeWitt Complete Writings and Sol LeWitt Interviews

1 July 2020

Artifex Press has announced the publication of Sol LeWitt Complete Writings and Sol LeWitt Interviews. These new volumes have been compiled and edited by Lindsay Aveilhé and Chris Vacchio, and have been incorporated into Sol LeWitt Wall Drawings, the definitive catalogue raisonné of the artist’s most celebrated body of work.

Sol LeWitt Complete Writings comprises 26 texts spanning the artist’s career, including several previously unpublished manuscripts. Many of the early texts relate to LeWitt’s thinking on conceptual art, a term he popularized, including, most notably, his manifestos "Paragraphs on Conceptual Art," from 1967, and "Sentences on Conceptual Art," from 1969. Several writings address the theory and practice of LeWitt’s wall drawings, including the relationship between himself, as artist, and the drafters who install the works. Additional texts are dedicated to the development of one of his conceptual systems, Drawing Series I, II, III, IIII A & B ; the artist's book, a medium he championed as a co-founder of Printed Matter; and the square and the cube, two forms he would return to again and again over the five decades of his career. Sol LeWitt Interviews gathers 16 interviews, or roughly half of all published interviews LeWitt gave during his lifetime. The selection gives voice to a famously press-shy artist, and covers a range of topics, with early interviews frequently devoted to LeWitt's teaching and relationship to the art world, while later ones tend to focus on specific bodies of work, such as wall drawings, and his philosophy of conceptual art.

The entirety of the LeWitt Wall Drawings Catalogue Raisonné, including the new Writings and Interviews volumes, is currently available for free as part of Artifex Press’s effort to make its catalogues accessible while libraries, museums, universities, and other institutions are closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Register at for access.

Artifex Press publishes Sol LeWitt Complete Writings and Sol LeWitt Interviews
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