Lisson Gallery

'Asymmetrical Response' by Cory Arcangel and Olia Lialina at Art Projects Ibiza

19 June 2017

On the eve of Y2K, American artist Cory Arcangel first met Russian-born Olia Lialina, one of the best-known participants in the 1990s scene. Ever since this fortuitous meeting, the artists have been deep in dialogue about changing terms for the Internet.

'Asymmetrical Response', presented by Art Projects Ibiza, is the artists' first collaboration in an exhibition format. The presentation features complex bodies of work that arose through their continuing conversations. Curated by Caitlin Jones for Western Front, Vancouver (where it appeared in the fall of 2016), 'Asymmetical Response' was previously shown in January this year at The Kitchen in New York by Tim Griffin and Lumi Tan. The show in Art Projects Ibiza + Lune Rouge, organised by KCM Fine Arts and Lisson Gallery, will be the largest iteration of the project to date.

'Asymmetical Response' opens on 20 June and continues until 16 December 2017. For more information, please visit Art Projects Ibiza's website.

Image: Cory Arcangel and Olia Lialina. 'Asymmetrical Response' at Art Projects Ibiza, 2017.

'Asymmetrical Response' by Cory Arcangel and Olia Lialina at Art Projects Ibiza
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