Lisson Gallery

Art Basel Online Viewing Room: Ryan Gander

21 September 2020

For the next edition of Art Basel’s Online Viewing Rooms, Lisson Gallery highlights new and recent work by Ryan Gander, who has established an international reputation through artworks that materialise in many different forms – from sculpture to film, writing, graphic design, installation, performance and more besides. From a continued fascination with what has become known as the ‘attention economy’, the selection of works explores Gander's focus on time as a currency, reflecting on how – in an age of identity politics, selfie culture and an incessant need to shout the loudest – the focus of our time should be on the value of our time itself. These themes manifest in a range of sculptures and installations that subtly command the spaces they inhabit, often appearing more happened upon than considerately arranged. From the smashed and taped glass panel that comprises Gander’s Broken Window Theory series, to a vending machine dispensing semi-precious stones, to a letter written by the artist as a child, the presentation sees a collection of individual pieces that come together to create a whole, like chapters in a book, but with no linear beginning or end.

As part of a live broadcast ahead of the OVR:2020 opening, Gander will take part in Art Basel's Conversations programme in the panel discussion Art in 2020, Tuesday 22 September at 10am EST/4pm CET/10pm HKT.

OVR:2020 will run from September 23 to September 26, 2020. Click here to register.

All of the works on view in the OVR are being presented in Ryan Gander’s solo exhibition, These are the markers of our time, at Lisson Gallery in New York from 10 September to 21 October.

Image: Ryan Gander, Shapeless Endeavour II, 2020
Carrara marble

Art Basel Online Viewing Room: Ryan Gander
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