7 April 2017 News

Cory arcangel
The expansive work, created from 1976 to 1982, serves as a record of years’ worth of Conrad’s experimentation with the piano. A composition of over 200 hours of recorded music, 'Music and the Mind of the World' is comprised of hundreds of recorded entries marked by date. In the seven-year span the work was created, every encounter Conrad had with a piano was recorded (with the incidental exception of perhaps three or four hours).

Now, for the first time, this influential yet largely unknown work has been published and is available online at http://musicandthemindofthe.world.

The release coincides with the Tony Conrad Memorial taking place in New York City in March and April 2017.

Arcangel Surfware is a non-aspirational lifestyle and publishing company founded by fine artist Cory Arcangel.
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