Lisson Gallery

Announcing representation of Sarah Cunningham

5 July 2023

Lisson Gallery is delighted to announce representation of British artist Sarah Cunningham. Her first solo exhibition with the gallery, ‘The Crystal Forest’, opens on 12 July in London.

Seeking out the essential and the alive through her imaginary wildernesses and fluid forestscapes, Cunningham constructs kaleidoscopic environments and imagined forest clearings from multiple layers of radiating bursts of light, line and colour, drawing from a multitude of literary, art historical and personal references. She builds up complex spatial structures through gestural marks, in a process of continual obliteration and overpainting, until hidden worlds and pastures appear. Part abstract experimentation, part spiritual journey, every painting at some level represents the intuitive and unspoken connection between nature and humankind, with the artist acting as a conduit for our continuing coexistence and paying homage to the ancient practices dedicated to this mutual understanding.

Sarah Cunningham's first solo exhibition with Lisson Gallery (12 July – 26 August 2023) explores psychological spaces and multifaceted landscapes that the artist composes within her layered and generative canvases. This new body of paintings includes a major triptych and large-scale works, alongside smaller panels.

Explore Cunningham’s work.

Image: Sarah Cunningham, Soul Capsule, 2023, Oil on Linen, 200 x 250 x 4.5 cm, 78 3/4 x 98 3/8 x 1 3/4 in

Announcing representation of Sarah Cunningham
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