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Announcing new augmented reality platform

10 April 2020

Lisson Gallery is pleased to announce a new partnership with Augment, an app whose proprietary technology allows users to visualise 3D objects and products in augmented reality through their smartphones and tablets, at home or in their professional environment. The teams have been working together for nearly 18 months to tailor the platform for 2D and 3D fine art objects.

As an established e-commerce solution used by major consumer brands, Augment’s technology has been adapted for fine arts with the guidance of Lisson Gallery. The ease and simplicity of positioning a sculpture, installation or painting in one’s own space, in augmented reality, and virtually share a 3D scene to be viewed and edited by others, comes at a time when people are endeavouring to reduce physical travel, costs and logistical burdens.

“We are thrilled to be launching this new initiative with Lisson Gallery, having been in development for over 18 months,” stated Dimitri Duffeleer, CEO of Augment. “While Augment has been working with major consumer brands, from Coca Cola to Unilever and Logitech, since 2011, this is our first partnership with an arts organisation. This is one very close to our hearts as the arts community is the vibrant lifeblood of change and a barometer for the wellbeing of humanity. We are particularly excited about this creative collaboration with Lisson, as one of the most influential and innovative international contemporary art galleries in the world, it allows us to use this technology – a democratic, self-service SAAS platform – to make art much more accessible to a wider audience, available to anyone, anywhere in the world.”

“While initially planned as a licensed Lisson Gallery app, we have fast-tracked the development and decided to make the technology available to all, with a subscription, given the closure of most galleries during the current global pandemic,” said Lisson Gallery’s Executive Director Alex Logsdail. “Our hope is that Augment can be beneficial to the business beyond the current situation. In a time when galleries should be more conscious about our impact, it solves the problem of shipping works for approval, which can be expensive, complicated and wasteful.”

Read more about the partnership in The Financial Times.

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Announcing new augmented reality platform
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