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Lisson Gallery's participation in Frieze New York 2021

14 April 2021

For the tenth edition of Frieze New York, Lisson Gallery presents a solo display of three important works by the French artist Daniel Buren, exhibited in the US for the first time. A radical conceptual artist with a career spanning 50 years, Buren gained notoriety in the mid 1960s when he introduced a discernible visual device using the classic French stripe fabric motif to probe the relationship between the artwork and the foundation on which it was installed. Buren situated 8.7cm-wide vertical stripes in unique interventions, examining what painting is and the environment of its creation. With works ranging from 1968-1980, the booth will highlight these now rare in situ experimentations, marking the artist’s dialogue with each space.

The presentation at Frieze New York (booth B09) re-installs three situated works: One Piece in Three Parts (1968-1976), Une Pièce Coupée en Deux (1974), and A Work in Four Parts for One Wall (1980), while a fourth work, Corner Piece in Three Parts (1980) is included in the Frieze Online Viewing Room. A Work in Four Parts for One Wall and Corner Piece in Three Parts were assembled previously for the critical 1980 Lisson Gallery exhibition, ‘Daniel Buren, Sol LeWitt, Richard Long, Fred Sandback’ in London. The works will be installed in their original orientation, underscoring astute and pragmatic interventions.

By reducing painting to its absolute component – the canvas – Buren has been able to explore the physical elements of the work and point to the ideological context in which its meaning is made. In this presentation Buren continues to examine the framework around artistic creation, the role of the artist and most importantly the space in which they exhibit. The compositions will transform the walls of The Shed, a new venue for the artist to explore.

Later this year, Roulette Russe will publish a monograph on the work of Daniel Buren, providing a comprehensive record of one of the world’s most influential artists. Featuring an essay by Lisson Gallery Founder Nicholas Logsdail, the texts will be the first published set to span Buren’s career of over 50 years, offering a thorough documentation of the artist’s practice.

Lisson Gallery's participation in Frieze New York 2021
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