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'Anish Kapoor: Untrue Unreal' at Palazzo Strozzi, Florence

11 September 2023

Palazzo Strozzi in Florence opens a major new solo exhibition by Anish Kapoor on 7 October 2023. Devised in collaboration with the artist, 'Anish Kapoor: Untrue Unreal' brings together the monumental and the intimate to create a dialogue between Kapoor's art and the architecture of the Palazzo.

With a wide range of early, mid-career and recent works, including a new architecturally scaled work especially conceived for the Renaissance courtyard of Palazzo Strozzi, the exhibition offers an opportunity to engage directly with the artist’s oeuvre in all its versatility, discord, entropy and ephemerality. Palazzo Strozzi becomes a venue at once concave and convex, whole and yet fragmented, in which visitors are called on to question their senses.

In Kapoor’s work, the unreal merges with the untrue, transforming or negating the common perception of reality. He invites us to explore a world where the boundaries between what is true and false dissolve, opening the doors to the realm of the impossible. One of the distinguishing features is the way Kapoor’s works transcend their materiality. Kapoor’s works merge empty and full space, absorbing and reflecting surface, geometrical and biomorphic form. In a world where reality seems increasingly elusive and manipulable, Anish Kapoor challenges us to seek truth beyond appearances, inviting us to explore the territory of the untrue and the unreal.

The exhibition is curated by Arturo Galansio, director of Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi, and runs from 7 October 2023 to 4 February 2024.

For more information visit Palazzo Strozzi.

Image: Anish Kapoor, Svayambhu, 2007, Wax and oil-based paint, Dimensions variable © Anish Kapoor. All Rights Reserved SIAE, 2023. Photography by Wilfried Petzi

'Anish Kapoor: Untrue Unreal' at Palazzo Strozzi, Florence
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