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'Anish Kapoor: Unseen' at ARKEN Museum of Contemporary Art, Ishøj, Denmark

18 April 2024

From 11 April – 20 October 2024, Anish Kapoor takes over the ARKEN Museum’s spaces with his first major exhibition in Scandinavia, 'Unseen'. Through a selection of Kapoor's monumental sculptures and installations created over the past 40 years, the exhibition speaks directly to our senses and emotions through the works' unique use of materials, shapes, surfaces, and colour, with a central theme of the absence and the void.

Through works such as Descension (2014), in which a whirlpool of water spirals into an abyss below; or, as we gaze into the vast, dark interior of the 24-tonne Cor-Ten steel Memory (2008), Kapoor seems to give sensory form to otherwise invisible phenomena. Despite the impressive scale of these works, the visitor gets the sense of something remaining hidden that we can neither see nor fully understand. 'Unseen' addresses this paradoxical aspect of Kapoor's works: we feel the effect of the works with our bodies and senses, yet sense that there is more at play than what meets the eye. Several works are integrated into the museum's architecture, disrupting one's usual passage through the spaces.

Find further information via ARKEN.

Image © Anish Kapoor, courtesy ARKEN Museum of Contemporary Art. Photography by David Stjernholm.

'Anish Kapoor: Unseen' at ARKEN Museum of Contemporary Art, Ishøj, Denmark
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