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Angela de la Cruz’s ‘Homeless’ opens at Bilbao’s Azkuna Zentroa

24 October 2018

On 25 October, Azkuna Zentroa Bilbao opens a large-scale retrospective of Angela de la Cruz's work, spanning over twenty years, from 1996-2018, curated by Carolina Grau. Entitled 'Homeless', the show takes its name from one of the artist's first works to break the stretcher: Homeless (1996). The exhibition brings different bodies of works together for the first time, presenting her diverse experimentations with the language of painting.

Angela de la Cruz describes the moment of her disruption to the canvas a removal of “the grandiosity of painting”. Engaging with the very discourse of painting by targeting its basic anatomy – the usually supportive stretcher – de la Cruz’s twisted, broken forms mimic aspects of the human body and its behaviour in vulnerability, as they lie slumped on the floor or supported against the walls. 'Homeless' draws on topics used increasingly frequently by de la Cruz such as climate change and social and political inequalities, as an exploration of what the artist calls the “serene violence” inherent in a manipulated painting.

'Homeless' is on view until 20 January, 2019. For further information visit Azkuna Zentroa's website.
Angela de la Cruz’s ‘Homeless’ opens at Bilbao’s Azkuna Zentroa
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