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'Ai Weiwei: Defend the Future' continues at MMCA, Seoul

12 January 2022

The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul, South Korea (MMCA) presents 'Ai Weiwei: Defend the Future', a solo exhibition of works by the globally-renowned artist, filmmaker, architect, and activist, through 17 April 2022. The exhibition is dedicated to the artist's numerous artworks on the themes of freedom of expression and the lives of refugees, its Korean title literally translating to "The Future of Humans".

The exhibition showcases some 126 works that transcend the dualities of the East and West, including the photographic series Study of Perspectives, 1995-2011 (2014); Study of Perspective in Glass (2018) and Black Chandelier (2017–21), both in Murano glass created in collaboration with the Berengo Studio on Murano Island, Venice; and Porcelain Pillar with Refugee Motif (2017) and Ruyi (2012), made in the famous porcelain production area of Jingdezhen, China. The exhibition takes visitors on a journey into the artist's time and space, through works ranging from a 12-meter bamboo figure reminiscent of a jade burial suit from the Han Dynasty (ca. 2000 years ago), through a documentary about the Rohingyas (stateless Indo-Aryan ethnic group residing in Myanmar), and a Neolithic Vase emblazoned with the Coca-Cola Logo (2015).

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'Ai Weiwei: Defend the Future' continues at MMCA, Seoul
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