Lisson Gallery

Van Hanos

East Hampton, 20 August – 24 August 2020

Van Hanos

Lisson Gallery is pleased to announce representation of American artist Van Hanos in New York, London and Shanghai, in collaboration with Château Shatto, Los Angeles. Harder Party (2020), a new painting by Hanos, will be debuted in the gallery's recently launched East Hampton location from August 20 – 24, 2020. A solo exhibition of all new work is scheduled for Spring 2021 at the gallery's newest space in New York City at 508 West 24th Street.

The work will also feature alongside a group of other recent paintings in a digital publication the artist has collaborated on with his friend and author, Stephen Intlekofer. Entitled Deepest Dreamer, the book investigates notions as vast as metaphysics and the phantasmagorical, but is formatted specifically through its unembellished text and imagery to be accessible for readers as young as 7–10 years old. 

Hanos’s approach to painting is best defined by its stylistic freedom and forsaking of particular modes or methods. Ranging from landscape to realist portraiture, beyond categorization as either figuration or abstraction, his work navigates perceptual shifts and thematic rupture. Hanos explores the tremendous range of possibilities within the human mind and experience, and his paintings can be created as meticulous oil renderings of images taken from photographs, with technical precision and hyperrealist tendencies, or as sublime, abstracted amalgamations of past observations and ruminations, replete with internal references to other paintings or past subjects, and layered with meaning. 

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55 Main Street
East Hampton

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Thursday – Sunday: 11:00am – 5:00pm

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