Lisson Gallery

Tony Cragg: Sculptures

London, 26 October – 21 December 2001

Tony Cragg: Sculptures

The central theme of Tony Cragg’s work is his preoccupation with the material world - the reality of objects, which either come from nature, albeit a man- modified nature or the useful things we make to help us exist. This utilitarian requirement of the manmade things around us expands the range of forms possible with Cragg’s sculpture which become metaphors and carriers of complex information in his visual language.

The work offers a re-examination of the relationship between nature and the man-made world, a re-evaluation of the information, meanings and poetry attached to our physical world and our perceptions of reality.

Cragg’s early work used a wide range of objects and materials that he gathered out of found industrial products. In the early 1980s he became more interested in influencing the sculpture forms of the material using not only found materials but also more traditional materials: his so called form languages.

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