Lisson Gallery

Spencer Finch: Not precisely knowing, Not precisely knowing not

Milan, 16 November 2012 – 11 January 2013

Spencer Finch: Not precisely knowing, Not precisely knowing not

Spencer Finch will present a series of new works including a site-specific LED installation, a suite of photographs and a large watercolour that explore memory, colour and the relationship between the conscious and the unconscious.  At the core of Finch’s practice is his on-going investigation into the nature of light, colour, memory and perception.  He uses scientific method to poetic effect, examining the mechanics and mystery of perception.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a large, outdoor installation that comprises a forest of barely perceptible vertical brass rods of varying heights, each with a tiny LED at its tip.  Like fireflies against the night sky, the LEDs light up intermittently and in different configurations, choreographed to ‘perform’ a scene from Shakespeare’s play.  The spectator is invited to track these blinking LEDs in their jerky, unpredictable trajectory.  Finch is fascinated by the process of taking a beautiful, natural phenomenon and re-contextualising it in the cultural space of the gallery: a transformation that provokes a meditative observation that in turn inspires wonder.  It is an arguably crude, theatrical animation that, in this suspension of disbelief, becomes a serene and mesmerizing experience.  

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