Lisson Gallery

Rodney Graham

London, April – May 2022

Rodney Graham

​​“I missed out on painting, so I am always looking for an opportunity to do it.” Rodney Graham’s new body of work continues with him in the guise of a painter of pseudo-modernist masterpieces, which are actually constructed and sampled from artists of that period, which have been played with and remade in his own image. “It’s different from where I started, which was more of a Duchampian approach. Coming out of conceptual art, where you could do it in your living room, I developed this sort of nostalgia for this idea of the studio.” The new series mines the paintings, not only of his art-historical heroes, but of his own making, becoming themselves cubistic collages of multiple voices and artists, a notion reflected in the collaborative nature of their production.

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67 Lisson Street

Opening Times:
Tuesday – Saturday: 11:00am – 6:00pm

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