Lisson Gallery

Rodney Graham: A Glass of Beer and Other Works

19 October – 23 November 2005

Rodney Graham: A Glass of Beer and Other Works

Lisson gallery is delighted to announce its 4th solo exhibition with Canadian artist and songwriter Rodney Graham.

“It’s hard not to like the work of Rodney Graham. One becomes as friendly and intimate with it, as quickly and easily, as another finds it critical and detached. Production values are high. Sublimation is palpable. Elevated topics, detailing, finish, formal and linguistic concerns are all paramount. All of Graham’s works are dashed off in exquisite and effortless style. There can be little doubt that one is in the presence of a chaste and unsullied aesthetic.”
- Shepherd Steiner, Rodney Graham: A Little Thought, p. 112

Graham is recognised internationally for his intellectually rigorous art, developed since the mid-seventies. His multi-layered and complex art includes photography, film, video, sculpture, music and text based works. It negotiates between many different identities and territories drawing connections between them, more specifically borrowing the language and isolated narratives from the worlds of science, film, pop culture and art history.

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