Lisson Gallery

Richard Wentworth

London, 2 November – 4 December 1999

Richard Wentworth

We are pleased to announce an exhibition of new sculptures and photographs by Richard Wentworth, his 5th solo show at Lisson Gallery since 1984. Richard Wentworth’s works, encircling the notion of objects and their use as part of our day to day life experience, has altered the traditional definition of sculpture. By transforming and manipulating industrial and/or found objects into works of art, Wentworth subverts their original function and therefore challenges our understanding of them by breaking the conventional system of classification. These sculptural arrangements and assisted ready mades play with the juxtaposition of objects that have nothing in common. They often incorporate a range of materials not usually associated with art. This can be seen in the large scale floor sculpture Spread a work made of an enormous number of second hand plates, densely arranged with a strong sense of physicality. This piece, due to its use of materials plates of various values and from different locations, collected over a long period of time, is related to the intimacy of our lives. Most probably, most of us have eaten from a plate similar to one of those exhibited.

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52 Bell Street

Opening Times:
Monday – Friday: 10:00am – 6:00pm
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