Lisson Gallery

Painters Reply: Experimental Painting in the 1970s and now

27 June – 9 August 2019


Curated by Alex Glauber & Alex Logsdail

Opening Reception: Wednesday 26 June, 6-8pm

In September of 1975, Artforum published a special issue on painting. In addition to articles such as ‘Painting and Anti-Painting: A Family Quarrel’, in which Max Kozloff said that, “brush wielders were afflicted by a creative halitosis”, and ‘Painting and the Struggle for the Whole Self,’ were the responses to a questionnaire polling 21 painters on the state and prospects of their chosen medium.

‘Painters Reply’ aims to answer the Artforum questionnaire through an exploration of experimental painting practices of the 1970s. The selected artists reveal how the pervasive antipathy towards painting afforded a greater degree of latitude whereby materiality, application, atypical support, performative impulse and format were all of a sudden in play. The exhibition brings together a diverse group of artists, including some of those published in Artforum’s responses to the questionnaire such as Joan Snyder and Terence La Noue, where the common denominator is aesthetic emancipation.

Following this survey of enfranchised painting from the 1970s, ‘Painters Reply’ traces this experimental spirit to the current moment. The selected artists advance painting by probing similar fault lines – aesthetic variables relating to materiality, execution, and presentation. Just as Roy Colmer connected his paintings to video through the use of spray techniques and so activated otherwise static surfaces, so too did Mary Corse through her use of glass microspheres as a visual catalyst for her painterly practice.

Image: 'Painters Reply,' by Artforum editors, © Artforum, September 1975

504 West 24th Street & 138 Tenth Avenue
New York

Opening Times:
Tuesday - Saturday: 10:00am - 6:00pm

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