Lisson Gallery

Miri Segal: Capital Hill

30 March – 24 April 2004

Miri Segal: Capital Hill

Lisson Gallery is pleased to announce its first solo exhibition by Israeli artist Miri Segal opening at Lisson New Space on March 30. This will be her first solo exhibition in the UK and Europe.

Using video projection Miri Segal creates sensual, complex and immersive works, which, through illusion, challenge the empiricism of touch and sight.

In UnUn (too easy to ease), 1999, Segal projects a small video image of the sea, reminiscent of a picture hanging on the wall. The horizon is at eye level and the sound of the sea, along with a barely perceptible layer of music can be heard. Every few minutes, without warning, the sea surges forward advancing across the space toward the viewer consuming the walls and the floor on a realistic scale before reaching the viewers feet, whereby it recedes again after one second. The sudden motion of the approaching wave is accompanied by a burst of laughter. Here, Segal plays with a reversal of impact. Whereas it is expected that the viewer ideally opens up to the beauty of a work of art, this work literally opens up to the viewer. Touching and not touching, seeing and not quite seeing, are concepts which run through many of Segal’s works. It is often the viewer, sometimes the artist, who become both subject and object of the touch and of the gaze.

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