Lisson Gallery

Lisson Presents 3

8 April – 25 April 2009

Lisson Presents 3

Richard Deacon, Anish Kapoor, John Latham, Haroon Mirza, Max Neuhaus, Tony Oursler

The third instalment of Lisson Presents features a new work by guest artist Haroon Mirza, whose multi-media installations have attracted attention since his graduation from Chelsea’s MA course in 2007. The selection of work by Mirza alongside Lisson Gallery artists Richard Deacon, Anish Kapoor, John Latham, Max Neuhaus and Tony Oursler explores the capacity of artworks to synthesize different dimensions – material, sensory, symbolic, emotional – into holistic representations of complex states. In particular, each artist demonstrates a precise, personal engagement with sound – through rhythm, vibration or the musical quality of the human voice.

Adhãn, a new mixed media installation by Haroon Mirza, emerged from the artist’s extended visit to Pakistan in 2007-8, when he researched the place of music in Pakistani culture. Mirza creates concise sculptural installations of found objects including furniture and animated by video, sound and other electronic elements. Operating in their own separate registers, these distinct elements nevertheless form part of an interconnected composition or system both literally (the sonic rhythm is echoed by a light display) and conceptually. The Arabic word ‘Adhãn’ is the Islamic call to prayer, recited five times a day by a muezzin. Mirza’s installation draws on a film of the same title he has made to be screened in the Sheffield Pavilion during the Istanbul Biennial in September 2009. The film samples a passage of acoustic guitar by Cat Stevens from a concert televised by the BBC in 1971: this music triggers the rhythmic playing of a cellist and the silent, illuminated call of a male figure who adopts the pose of the muezzin. In Mirza’s installation sounds and images, both recorded and live, flow through or are contained within a series of found objects in an integrated circuit of meaning.

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