Lisson Gallery

Julian Opie: Sculpture Films Paintings

9 February – 17 March 2001

Julian Opie: Sculpture Films Paintings artwork

The facade, floors and walls of the Lisson Gallery will become a showcase for Julian Opie's nudes and portraits. Drawn on the computer some 35 friends and acquaintances of the artist (including members of Blur) will be outputted as paintings, sculptures, wallpaper, films and concrete casts. Upstairs will be a series of digital landscapes incorporating electronic tests, lights and sound, creating a primitive but evocative sensate environment.

"There is something very cold, impersonal and, at the same time sexy about an airport lounge."

"People are quite self conscious when I photograph them, which is embarrassing in the photo but helps to give life and presence to a painting."

"I find inspiration in public places (roads, airports, graveyards, shops) where languages take a form such as signs, gravestones, banners, popups."

"Our relationship to objects is defined by our bodies making the objects stand ins for people doubles up this effect."

"An object at a different scale becomes a different object."

"When I'm drawing I feel like everybody's face is fabulous. I don't know if this is also true of bodies."

"I would rather combine and manipulate existing languages than try to invent a new one."

"I would like to make a painting and then walk into it."
"I try to make a universal symbol for each individual I draw" Recent Exhibitions

Winter 1999/2000
Outdoor Tate Portrait Commission (6 of 4 x 4 meters) Design sofa with SCP, London
St. Etienne album and singles
Lux Gallery blinking portraits projection

Spring 2000
Design Smart Car exterior, Vienna
Design Perry Boat exterior, Austria
Outdoor sculpture Clissold Park London
Tate Modern "Between cinema and a hard place" Outdoor commission for Volkswagen & Wolfsberg‹

Summer 2000
One person show at Meymac, France‹ Tate Britain room in "Intelligence" SHOW‹

Autumn 2000
One person show, Alan Cristea Gallery London One person show, Tokyo, Japan
Blur Album & posters campaign
BBC website

Winter 2001
Solo show, Lisson Gallery, February 6th 

52 Bell Street

Opening Times:
Saturday: 11:00am - 5:00pm
Tuesday - Friday: 10:00am - 6:00pm

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