Lisson Gallery

James Casebere

London, 3 February – 4 March 2000

James Casebere

Casebere’s photographs are two dimensional representations of three dimensional sets and models that the artist constructs in his studio based on photographs of existing buildings. They are generic structures of the human cultural environment in which the artist attempts to de construct the fundamentals of art and architecture. Desolate, empty interiors in warm earthly colours, skilfully illuminated so as to imply the penetration of natural day or nocturnal light from different apertures, Casebere’s spaces are compelling for their simple beauty and their hidden mystery. They transform the spectator to a lonely witness of uninhabited though haunted interiors in which a number of doors, corridors, windows or tunnels seem to suggest undisclosed scenarios. During the last two years, Casebere’s work on the architectural and psychological landscape of institutions of confinement (e.g. a prison cell, an asylum, a monastery, a hospital ward) was much acclaimed for its successful portrayal of very complex and sensitive social and psychological issues by very minimal means.

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