Lisson Gallery

Igor and Svetlana Kopystiansky

London, 7 July – 19 August 2006

Igor and Svetlana Kopystiansky

Lisson Gallery is pleased to announce a new exhibition by Igor and Svetlana Kopystiansky, previewing on Thursday 6th July from 6-8pm. The exhibition will include new photography and video works as well as vintage photographs, paintings and works on paper.

In the new work ‘Sandglass (Establishing Shot)’ 2005, originally commissioned by the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, the Kopystianskys present a two screen video projection set in the Arizonan desert. The viewer is presented with two photograph-like projections which seem to be still but are actually moving imperceptibly, heading inexorably towards each other until they meet to become momentarily one image, before moving past each other again. The stillness of the image is an illusion and the movement seems to be motionless, thus eliding the languages of photograph and film.

‘Sandglass (Establishing Shot)’ is conceptually based on and takes its title from the establishing shot -an important filmic devise which is usually a long shot at the beginning of a scene intended to inform the audience about the locale or time of the action. The work plays with and investigates the nature of the filmic medium itself: film is constituted by a succession of still images, which are the only reality, and their ‘movement’ is a result of a purely mechanical shift between the lens and a source of light.

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