Lisson Gallery

Cory Arcangel: Speakers Going Hammer

London, 12 October – 12 November 2011

Cory Arcangel: Speakers Going Hammer

Arcangel will present works previously unseen in the UK, demonstrating new themes and articulating the wide range of his practice, following on from his large installation, Beat the Champ, in February at The Barbican, London, and a solo show entitled Pro Tools which opened in May 2011 at The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.

Speakers Going Hammer – a phrase used for describing speakers pushing too much bass – takes its title from the single by rap artist and Youtube sensation, Soulja Boy. In the exhibition Arcangel looks at popular culture and celebrates the cycles of taste which dictate the high-tech, the forlorn, the passé, and the soon to be passé. He highlights increasingly brief lifespans of technology, fashion and media, blending high and low production techniques in the creative process.

Arcangel consistently challenges the delineation of authorship; technologically aided processes of production are a central theme in many of the new works at Lisson. Three series of identical graphite drawings of palm trees, a portrait of Bill Clinton, and a nineties Ford Taurus station wagon are created using a now obsolete automated pencil plotter machine, initially programmed by Arcangel quickly drawing onto a digital pad.

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