Lisson Gallery

Wael Shawky's Artworks

WSHA220007_001 WSHA220009_001 WSHA220006_001 Al Araba Al Madfuna, Paintings WSHA190010_001 WSHA190004_002 WSHA190005_002 WSHA190060_002 WSHA190043_002 WSHA190037_002 WSHA190023_002 WSHA180011 WSHA180002_1 WSHA160002_1 5 WSHA150001_15 WSHA150001_5 WSHA140041_2 WSHA140083 WSHA140054_1 WSHA140003_2 WSHA140003_5 WSHA140004 WSHA140017 WSHA140050_1 WSHA140052_1 WSHA140055_1 WSHA130001_ID WSHA120002 WSHA120001_4 WSHA120001_2 WSHA120001 WSHA080001_copy WSHA060002 WSHA050002_1
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