Lisson Gallery

Otobong Nkanga's Artworks

Otobong_Nkanga_-_Silent_Force__Red_Caress__2022 Alignment Otobong_Nkanga_-_Unearthed_-_Sunlight__2021_04 Unearthed – Sunlight Otobong_Nkanga_-_Unearthed_-_Abyss__2021_01 Otobong_Nkanga_-_Lined_with_shivers_sprouting_from_the_rock__2021 25 drawings from 1997-2015 Otobong_Nkanga_-_Taste_of_a_Stone__2020 Otobong_Nkanga_-_Veins_Aligned__2018_01 Otobong_Nkanga_-_Various_drawings__2018-2019 Otobong_Nkanga_-_Taste_of_a_Stone__2019 Aging Ruins Dreaming Only to Recall the Hard Chisel from the Past Constellation to Appease Double Plot Carved to Flow: Laboratory Taste of a Stone – Ikọ Otobong_Nkanga_-_Steel_to_Rust___Meltdown__2016 Solid Maneuvers Otobong_Nkanga_-_Solid_Maneuvers__2015_01 The Weight of Scars Wetin You Go Do? Diaspore In Pursuit of Bling In Pursuit of Bling – The Transformation Otobong_Nkanga_-_Glimmer_Fragments__2014_01 Taste of a Stone: Itiat Esa Ufok
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