Lisson Gallery

Olga de Amaral's Artworks

AMAR170003_005 AMAR170003_007 Moya F Tierra y fibra 2 (AMAR880004) Cuarzo 1 (AMAR150009) AMAR150010 Nébula 7, 2014 AMAR140015__AMAR140016__AMAR140017_2022.06.07_AMAR_InstallSetup2_001 AMAR_To_Weave_a_Rock-CAM__US_2021_W9A4633c Olga_by_Diana_Witlin_2 AMAR150006 Núcleo 2 AMAR150006 Núcleo detail tate AMAR690002_001 AMAR960001__AMAR180002__AMAR180003__AMAR180004__AMAR180005_001 AMAR960001_005 AMAR140004-AMAR140005_001 Screenshot_2021-07-08_at_9.48.03_pm AMAR690003_001 AMAR690003_006 Screenshot_2022-06-11_at_1.56.56_pm AMAR140006 (Nudo 19 (turquesa) AMAR140006 (Nudo 19) detail AMAR_MFAH__US_2021-EX_947_2021_07_53_-1x-1 Strata aqua I, 2010 AMAR100002 Strata aqua I, 2010 (AMAR100002) detail Naturaleza Mora, 1979 - 1981 (AMAR790001)
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