Lisson Gallery

Liu Xiaodong's Artworks

The Roar, 2021 Three_Gorges_-__Newly_Displaced_Population_2004_300x1000cm XIAO070001_001__1_ Two Men Basking in the Sun 2020.5.14, 2020 Coming across a scene like this one cannot but think of Manet's Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe 2020.06.12, 2020 XIAO170005_1 unnamed-2 XIAO180004_1 XIAO130001_webedit XIAO120016_WEBEDIT FEATURE_2010Into_Taihu_3 FEATURE_2010_Out_of_Beichuan_3 Brawl, 2018 June 2020, New York, 2020
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