Lisson Gallery

Carmen Herrera's Artworks

Borealis (HERR160042) Borealis detail (HERR160042-3) Screenshot_2022-06-11_at_2.24.42_pm GROUP_HERR_Special_Exhibition-_Hard-Edge__Painting__National_Gallery_of_Art__Washington_DC__USA_2022-DSC_6615 HERR060009_001 Screenshot_2022-11-30_at_10.57.33_am HERR890001 HERR160052-1 Paris painting brown (HERR490008) HERR780003 Sunday Cheekwood Estate Carmen Herrera: Estructuras HERR500004 HERR170036-1 Angulo Rojo HERR590001 Le Bateau Ivre, 2012 HERR490007 HERR710007_005 HERR870001 Hirshhorn_tondo_1965 HERR_LACMA_2021 HERR150007_1 Carmen Herrera Atacama, 2018
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