Lisson Gallery

This list of works for Andy Warhol's solo exhibition at Lisson Gallery, 'Photographs', documents a series of shots of celebrated, iconic figures inlcuding Salvador Dalí, Pope John Paul II, and Truman Capote as well as a self-portrait of Warhol himself. 

Warhol revered Dalí, commenting in 1979: "Dalí's one of my favourite artists because he's so big. He worships Andrew Wyeth and so do I [...] The last time I saw Dalí in New York he was so nice. He gave me all his garbage. I told him that i was doing piss paintings. And he said that Pier Paolo Pasolini had an artist pissing on a painting years ago in his movie Teorema. I lied and said I did mine before that." 

Warhol shared the same appreciation for Capote, remarking: "kids like Truman. He's like a big kid. But so am I and most of my friends. Truman has been a good influence on the kids at the office. We entertain a lot at the Factory. You can't go to the bathroom without passing the bar [...] Thanks to Truman we have AA meetings at the office now." 
Andy Warhol, 'Salvador Dali', 'Truman Capote', 'Bianca Jagger', Andy Warhol's Exposures, 1979

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