Lisson Gallery

‘Lisson Presents’ introduced new artists such as Cory Arcangel, Ryan Gander and Haroon Mirza to the programme through a monthly series of curated displays, often in dialogue with established gallery artists. Overseen by Greg Hilty, this new programme presenting on- and off-site exhibitions aimed to extend the legacy of curatorial innovation within and beyond the gallery walls. Opening on the first Wednesday of every month, each instalment of ‘Lisson Presents’ consisted of three complementary elements: a focused presentation of an artist not currently represented by the gallery, a new body of work by a gallery artist, and a curated display of works by Lisson artists. Thematically, the presentations ranged from explorations of the relationship between human consciousness and notions of the ‘natural’ to physical artworks realised in an overt liaison with performance. 

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