Lisson Gallery

For his third show at the Lisson Gallery in 1969 Li Yuan-Chia explored the idea of the artwork as environment. Guy Brett writes in ‘Space – Life – Time’ about the exhibition:

"In 1969 Li held his ‘Golden Moon Show’ at the Lisson Gallery in London. The Lisson was then a small place, on the scale of a London house, with a number of white-painted rooms and an additional space built at the back out of unpainted breeze blocks. Through these rooms Li scattered his lexicon of Points. They appeared in many guises: as thick wooden discs about the size of dinner-plates, beautifully made and satisfying to handle; as a scattered group of small round mirrors on one wall; as drawing-pins stuck in circular wooden collages fixed to the wall by a single central nail; as hanging metal circles supporting little magnetic rubber pads encrusted with gold dust; as groups of Perspex discs on standing blocks, and so on. The back room was a single environment called Life Station. Here the Point became the gold seat of a swing, your support as you swung out over a floor covered in autumn leaves in a room whose four uniform walls were linked up by chaotic strands of coloured plastic rope."

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