Lisson Gallery

This photograph was taken the same year Dan Graham held his first solo exhibition at Lisson Gallery in 1972, titled 'Photographs, Film, Video, Performance'. His early works at Lisson engaged the audience in a radically different way, incorporating temporal and spatial elements. 

"The performances of Dan Graham, all made in the first decade of his career, established the structures of spatial and perceptual thinking that were to inform all his subsequent work. Their appearance marked a major shift by Graham into three-dimensional space, through the construction of a complex model informed by cybernetics, bodywork, topology, the newly emergent medium of video, and the philosophical, anthropological and psychological writings of, amongst others, Herbert Marcuse, Kurt Lewin, Gregory Bateson, Margaret Mead and Wilhelm Reich."
- Eric de Bruyn, 'Topological Pathways of Post-Minimalism', Grey Room, no.25, Fall 2006, pp.56-58.

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