5 October 2015 Video

Trailer for 'Rudiments', 2015 (HD video, 12 minutes) by Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin.

'Rudiments' (2015) is a new film in which Broomberg & Chanarin have collaborated with a group of young army cadets at a military camp on the outskirts of Liverpool. The young soldiers-in-training are seen marching, drumming and obeying instructions – enacting a collective, authoritarian form of obedience – with varying degrees of success. The absurd and disturbing introduction of a ‘bouffon’ – a dark clown whose performance teeters on vulgarity – radically challenges the martial codes supposedly being taught and interrupts their carefully choreographed routines.

Shown as part of Rudiments, the artists' debut solo exhibition at Lisson Gallery, London (25 September - 31 October 2015).