21 January 2016 Video

Raumzeichnung (outside/inside) is an installation by Polish artist Monika Grzymala for the group exhibition ‘Line', guest curated by Drawing Room at Lisson Gallery. The work leaves a highly tangible trace of an extended and exhaustive action – that of the artist uncoiling seven kilometres of black and transparent sticky tape to form a structure that stretches from the street-facing window to the back of the first gallery, creating a link between inside and outside.

Grzymala has said: “I describe all of my installations as architectural interventions or spatial drawings, in German Raumzeichnung and in English, Spatial Drawing”. In the work conceived for 'Line', black and transparent strips of tape represent the invisible lines left behind as people move around, both inside and outside the gallery, charting this energy as a sculptural mass created from a tangle of lines. In fact, the artist began her career as a figurative sculptor, perhaps returning unconsciously to those origins with this site-specific and ambitious, but nonetheless abstract intervention.

Time-lapse photography by Jack Hems.