Lisson Gallery

Cheyney Thompson

Beijing, 18 November – Spring 2024

Cheyney Thompson artwork

Cheyney Thompson’s second solo exhibition with Lisson Gallery and first in China features 35 new paintings that span a number of distinct painterly procedures developed over the course of the artist's career. Organized through interrelated series, Thompson’s thoughtful practice highlights the connective strands of control, combination, and constraint. The artist often applies strict sets of principles to the creation of his work, using rules-based systems as generative tools to ferret out and reframe the subjectivity of creative decisions. The works in the exhibition use algorithms, economic formulas and the computational logics of parametricism to follow those strands of early modernism which exposed painting to its potentially arbitrary and historically contingent ground. 

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4/F, Building D7, Yard No.3, Jinhang East Road

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