Sean Snyder
Vertical Traces, 2015-2016

hd data, 1 minute 20 seconds, lcd projection
unadaltered Google Earth and Bing search engine views of the location of Watch The Doors, Please! (1980) by Daniel Buren, produced by the Art Institute Of Chicago in cooperation with METRA (Chicago Urban Transport).
Photo: Aron Gent

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Thumbnail snyd080001 exhibition 01
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Thumbnail 19. silence  audition  video still
Thumbnail 05. vertical traces
Thumbnail 17. fukushima daiichi  november 15  2009
Thumbnail snyd150011 install view copy
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Thumbnail snyd150005
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Thumbnail 13. tableau bateau installation view
Thumbnail 2.2 cloud sediment  gstaad  1
Thumbnail tableau bateau 1
Thumbnail 2.4 cloud sediment  gstaad  3
Thumbnail 11. cloud sediment  gstaad  video still 3
Thumbnail tableau bateau 2
Thumbnail tableau bateau 3