Jonathan Monk
All the possible combinations of five colours, 2002

35mm Slide projection with 120 hand-coloured slides
Dimensions variable

Thumbnail monk120006 wedit
Thumbnail monk980023
Thumbnail monk990043
Thumbnail monk020012
Thumbnail monk050007
Thumbnail monk980021
Thumbnail monk020001
Thumbnail monk070017
Thumbnail monk090005
Thumbnail monk090006
Thumbnail monk100005
Thumbnail monk060011
Thumbnail monk130010
Thumbnail monk120034 4
Thumbnail monk090019
Thumbnail monk030001
Thumbnail monk090007
Thumbnail monk080018 6
Thumbnail monk100002
Thumbnail monk090026
Thumbnail monk060018
Thumbnail monk120004  012
Thumbnail monk120005 7
Thumbnail monk060007
Thumbnail monk920001
Thumbnail monk130001 5
Thumbnail monk010008 webedit
Thumbnail monk120035 3 webedit