Anish Kapoor
Shooting into the Corner, 2008-2009

Mixed media
dimensions variable

Thumbnail ra svayambh 44
Thumbnail kapo110036
Thumbnail dirty corner 054
Thumbnail dirty corner 046
Thumbnail 57 kapoor mumbai 15 1 11 053
Thumbnail  dsc5551
Thumbnail  dsc4080
Thumbnail ra cement works 90
Thumbnail ra cement works 92
Thumbnail ra svayambh 24
Thumbnail kapo110036 1
Thumbnail 2008 memory c
Thumbnail 2008 memory d
Thumbnail 2008 memory b
Thumbnail p4369 0010
Thumbnail cloud gate2004 patrick pyszka
Thumbnail cloud gate peter j schluz
Thumbnail kapo110032 5
Thumbnail marsyas cat2
Thumbnail anish kapoor  orbit  2012  height 115 m  olympic park  london  collaboration with cecil balmond  arup agu  photo gautier deblonde   courtesy the artist
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Thumbnail kapo030058
Thumbnail kapo030058 16
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Thumbnail kapo090017 10
Thumbnail kapo090017 22
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Thumbnail kapo120032 1
Thumbnail kapo120032 5
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Thumbnail 6. go1a3007
Thumbnail 1. go1a2976
Thumbnail om25112015 anish kapoor eregalerij rijksmuseum 0002
Thumbnail om25112015 anish kapoor eregalerij rijksmuseum 0034
Thumbnail om25112015 anish kapoor eregalerij rijksmuseum 0066
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Thumbnail kapo140054 22
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