16 May 2014 News

On Saturday, May 17th ​artist Cory Arcangel will debut Arcangel Surfware​, a new clothing and lifestyle merchandise line​ in a one-day-only pop-up store and exhibition, 'You Only Live Once,' designed by the artist at the Holiday Inn New York-Soho. Arcangel Surfware products consist of everything one needs to "chill" in bed all day and surf the Internet in comfort: sweat pants, sweat shirts, bed sheets, pillow covers, iPad® and iPhone® covers, magazines, and music.

You Only Live Once will feature the first line of Arcangel Surfware, produced in partnership with the global music merchandising company Bravado, alongside a​n installation of new work by the artist. You Only Live Once is Arcangel's first one-person exhibition featuring new work in the U.S. since his 2011 exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

With support from: Universal Music Group, Bravado International Group, WAX Magazine, & Are.na.

You Only Live Once

Saturday, May 17, 2–9 p.m.

Holiday Inn, Soho

138 Lafayette Street, New York, NY

For more information please visit: arcangel​surfware.biz