19 January 2018 News

Inspired by Turkey’s historic connections to China through the ‘Silk Road’, 'Ai Weiwei on Porcelain, the artist's first exhibition in Turkey, focuses on his wide-ranging practice in the medium of porcelain.

The evolution of Ai Weiwei’s practice in porcelain will be presented through the display of many of his iconic works in this material. Presenting a contemporary message through the language of traditional Chinese craft, Ai Weiwei’s art practice provides the viewer with a unique perspective on the paradoxes of our times. The exhibition will feature over 100 art works and span more than 40 years of Ai Weiwei’s practice. With its wide-ranging and extensive selection of porcelain artworks the exhibition will offer visitors one of the most unique explorations into this singular artist’s work.

The exhibition will run from 12 September 2017 until 11 March 2018. Please click here for more information.